Yellowstone Park

The Yellowstone Park, located in the borderland of Wyoming and Montana in the United States' North-West, is the world's first national park.
The video on the right side of this text offers a first glimpse into this 'magic world'.
The park lies in the crater of a super-vulcano with the last active period dating back six hundred thousand years. Its diameter is about 100 km and the Yellowstone-Lake located in its chimney lies 2357 m above sea level. The chimney's faces reach a height of about 2800 m. Vulcanic activity can be seen at numerous spots. Protected by the chimney faces a vegetation unusually abundant for these heights has evolved.

Anyone driving up the steep mountain cone, coming from the rather dry and poor on vegetation surroundings, will be much surprised by the lush vegetation. The special meteorological circumstances can be recognized from far away because of a giant cloud tower (see the right picture)! This landscape with its rich fauna and flora s. gallery, with its numerous geothermal areas s. gallery, with the Yellowstone-Lake and the Yellowstone-River that has carved its way through huge canyons s. gallery  is a world-wide unique experience!
A superb park administration allows over 1 million visitors per year to marvel at the natural beauty and at the same time preserves the natural state of Yellowstone National Park.