Western Canada

Nature lovers will find everything their heart desires in western Canada:
The Rocky Mountains with phantastic mountain ranges, the Jasper and Banff National Parks... In the east of the mountains lie wide praeries and numerous rivers flow throw huge areas of wood. A trip on the "Foresty Trunk-Road" guarantees breathtaking views and with a bit of phantasy you can easily imagine ages past. Towards the direction of the Pacific Ocean you will find big wood and lake areas as well. Lying in the shadows of the Coast Mountains are wide desert-like landscapes with their own attractions.
Vancouver Island, an island just a little way off the Pacific Coast, features the same picture in a smaller size. The whole region features very good camping sites.

Anyone who favours a more urban atmosphere will find everything a major city can offer in places like Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver. Victoria, the capital of British-Columbia, is a highly interesting place to visit on Vancouver Island. This city has kept much of 'British flair'.

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