The Butchart Garden (Canada)

Also known as the 'Sunken Garden' on Vancouver Island!

Jennie Butchart created this gorgeous garden in 1904 in an old quarry located in the southeast of Vancouver Island. More information about the garden and its history can be found here. Visitors to Vancouver Island should not miss the opportunity to see this man-made little paradise.

This picture gallery gives you a first small glimpse on the garden's beauty.

Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney (Australia)

Near the centre of Sydney are located the Royal Botanic Gardens, originally created as the 'Governor's Garden'. Today the gardens offer each visitor an insight into the nature of Australia.

For more information on the garden and its history follow this link. During the wonderful walk through these gardens you will catch splendid views on the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House on 'The Rocks' and on the port entrance. The deliberate mix of European and Australian vegetation is another unique feature of the Royal Botantic Gardens. From the first settlers' point of view it is very understandable that they much liked to see and remember plants that grew in their home nations - about 13000 km of air-line distance away!

This picture gallery offers a glimpse into these gardens.